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Best Tips For Introducing Cats

How do I introduce my new cat to my old cat?

At the point when you choose to add another feline to your house, it's typically more leaving for yourself as well as your family than it is for the feline you currently own. Albeit most felines are single commonly, most will likewise come to acknowledge or in the long run endure any augmentations. Felines can be extremely regional, which is the reason you ought to generally be cautious when you acquaint another feline with your ongoing feline.

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Assuming that you are acquainting cats with each other, the whole presentation cycle can be short, enduring just 10 - 15 days. Acquainting felines with one another all relies upon their demeanor and their character. Whenever you acquaint another feline with your ongoing feline, you ought to continuously ensure that you offer your ongoing feline a lot of affection and consideration. Along these lines, your feline will have a solid sense of safety and realize that he isn't in rivalry with your new feline for fondness.


While you bring your new feline home, you ought to allow him to remain in a protected room until you have wrapped up presenting the felines. Your protected room can be any little room in your home, like a washroom or extra room. The key here is to utilize a room that your ongoing feline doesn't go in. In the room, you ought to leave your new feline a scratching post, bed, water dish, litter box, and food dish.


From the outset, your ongoing feline might wail and murmur when he remains at the entryway, attempting to let the other feline know that he doesn't have a place. Whenever this happens you ought to overlook it, as rebuffing your feline for his conduct will just prompt more issues. Sooner or later, the principal feline will begin to act quietly when he is close to the new feline's entryway. As he begins to act quiet, you ought to pet him and give him acclaim.


At the point when your most memorable feline begins to go by your new feline's entryway and doesn't yell or murmur; you can begin acquainting them with one another. The most ideal way to do this is to get them used to every other fragrance. You can begin allowing them to eat out of a similar food dish, even though you'll need to take care of them at various spans from the get-go. Along these lines, the fragrance of each feline will be available in the food dish, and each feline will get the aroma when he eats his food.


When the two felines have used to the fragrance, you can start to take care of them closer together. To do this, you ought to keep your new feline in the protected room with the entryway shut, and your most memorable feline on the opposite side of the entryway with his food dish. This time, feed the two felines simultaneously. After doing this a couple of times, they ought to begin eating with next to no murmuring or snarling. Now, they are fit to be acquainted with each other.

How do I introduce my new cat to my old cat?

At the point when you acquaint them with one another in a similar room, a touch of snarling and murmuring is not out of the ordinary. Even though they might be utilized in every other fragrance; your most memorable feline will in any case feel a piece abnormal with your new feline being in his domain. You ought to play with them both from the get-go, so they can smell each other and welcome in their particular manner. If they begin to battle you ought to split them up and give them some separation.


It might require an investment to get them completely used to each other, albeit when they do - they will become close companions forever. Felines love to be social, even though it could be a piece unpleasant from the outset, particularly for your most memorable feline. Felines can be exceptionally regional, particularly assuming you have a cat around. If you get the two of them used to one another from the get-go - it will be significantly more straightforward to add future felines to your home.


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