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-Every year on March 14th, people across the world celebrate Pi Day in honor of the mathematical constant π. Today celebrates the irrational number pi with pizzas, pies, and anything circular. Celebrate this day by enjoying a slice of pie and some mathematics!

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Happy National Pi Day to all those celebrating today!"
"The holiday was developed by physicist Larry Shaw in 1988 while teaching at the University of Wyoming."  "Celebrate with a pizza or a pie - or even better, both! - because after all: 3/14 = 3/22 = 22/7 = 28/4 = 1.75. = 4/22 = ∏. = 22/3 = 3/7 = 1.58."

The celebration of Pi Day is not unique to the United States and has been observed in other countries including Canada, France, Belgium and Greece. In the United Kingdom, celebrations occur at the Raspberry Jam event in Cambridge University and at Peterhouse College, where an annual Pi Day party is held (it has been running for eleven years as of 2014). One of the founders of Raspberry Pi, Eben Upton, was a member at Peterhouse when he was studying computer science. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has also set up a pi day website and has launched a Pi Day promotion, where anyone can buy one for £3.

In Australia, the Pi Society of Australia has organised a Pie Day, celebrated every year on March 14, during which time over 800 pies will be consumed to celebrate Pi.

The Canadian Math Education Association is holding a "Pi Party" on the day (March 14). It's hoped that more people will learn about π this way than by eating pie. "Pi Day is not just pie," says Co-organizer Peter Murray. "It's math in general."

In Finland, Pi-day is celebrated as an annual national special event sponsored by the Finnish National Accreditation Board for Mathematics and its Finnish equivalent of the QCS (Qualified Consulting Social Scientists) - Accreditation Committee for Mathematics.
In the UK, Pi Day is also celebrated annually with a party organized by the Mathematical Association. As of 2014 , it is also an annual event organized by Cambridge University's Computer Laboratory and Peterhouse College.

Some public buildings in Finland, such as schools, hospitals and offices celebrate Pi Day in their buildings (e.g., school starts at lunchtime).
In Estonia, Pi day is celebrated with a special meal called piirapidukas (plural piiravad). This can be enjoyed on 14 March at selected restaurants. It usually consists of a portion of potato pie or apple pie , some vanilla ice cream , and coffee . Sometimes it includes other desserts as well (e.g., chocolate pie ). Some restaurants also offer coffee and tea along with the meal.
In Finland, pi day is celebrated on March 14 in every year by the Finns. There is a traditional pie called "piirapidukka" made of butter and flour. In Estonia, the pi-day celebration is celebrated with a special meal called "piirapidu". It can be enjoyed on 14 March at selected restaurants.
At various points in history, there have been varying levels of opposition to this event by government officials.



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