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5 Secrets For A Successful Weight Loss Program

Weight loss Everyone wants to know the secret to losing weight. Fad diets and exercise don't usually result in permanent weight loss. If you want to really lose weight and keep it off, here are five secrets that will help you lose the weight.

These secrets have been successful for others and have worked for me.

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1. Eat less food during the day  Someone well known once said, "Eating everything in sight works. It's like a drug." When we eat more food, it results in weight gain. So why don't we eat less? Even though you are hungry, you may feel that you would miss something if you don't have it. You may even feel guilty or ashamed if you do not satisfy your appetite. Try these tips: 1) Drink plain water instead of sugary drinks (soda/juice/coffee).

2) Drink coffee or tea without sugar or cream. You will be surprised at how the tummy feels after drinking a cup of plain water or coffee.

3) Replace one meal with a healthy meal.  This tip is best with lunch and dinner. That way, your stomach is full for the entire day and you don't feel hungry for more food during all the meals.

4) Eat only once a day.

5) Only eat foods that are healthy (low in fat and high in fiber).

6) Don't eat late at night as it can cause hunger pangs . 

7) Don't skip breakfast

2. Exercise regularly  Combining exercise with healthy eating is a great secret to losing weight. Exercise can be aerobic or weight training. Aerobic exercises are physical activities that increase the rate of breathing and heart rate such as walking, swimming, cycling, dancing and jogging. Weight lifting is anaerobic exercise that strengthens muscles and tones them (low intensity weight lifting). For more details, read my article on  ex ercise  and   weight loss . When you stop exercising, your body goes back to its original shape and with little change in your diet; you will gain the weight back. So regular physical exercise is a necessity for permanent weight loss.

3. Consume only the calorie amount for the activity  You can lose weight with this secret if you know how many calories your body needs to function. For example, if your weight is 200 pounds and you are sedentary, you need 1000 calories a day to maintain that weight. If you want to lose weight, then eat less than 2000 calories a day. You may still feel hungry throughout the day as your body needs more calories than what it consumes but it will keep off at least 2000 calories of fat.  (The average woman burns around 1300 Calories during an entire day and man around 2000 Calories.)

4.  Diet. This secret is simple: eat healthy food and exercise. Add little more to your daily diet and you will see the weight drop off rapidly.

5. Make safe food choices   For example, when I bought a pack of ice cream to eat at home, I kept eating until the pack was finished but I did not buy another pack next time since it was not good for my health. You can do the same with any unhealthy food that you want to be rid of. Get rid of all the junk foods in your house, especially those containing refined sugar or white flour. Replace these with healthy foods such as brown rice, whole wheat bread, fruits and vegetables .

Do these 5 tricks to lose weight permanently. They may not be as quick or easy as the fad diets and exercise programs on TV, but you will be happy you did them when you start to lose weight.




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