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10 best water parks in the US at all

While visiting the United States, you will come across many unique attractions. One of those is to visit water parks. There are a multitude of them around the United States and each one has its own type of experiences that it offers. This blog post will list and describe the best water parks in the US as voted by Trip Advisor.

The best water parks in the US:

Lazy River Water Park

1. Lazy River Water Park

Tampa, Florida- Lazy River Water Park offers two different rafts that flow through a long, winding river with various activities along the way like miniature golf and a mini basketball court. This establishment also has a slide park, which incorporates three different speed slides for all ages. The park is open from 10:30 AM until seven PM providing enough time to enjoy the waterpark at your own leisure.

Cost: $28.50

Location: Tampa, Florida

Aquatica Orlando

2. Aquatica Orlando

Orlando, Florida- The largest water park in the US, Aquatica Orlando embraces all of the fun of a water park in one place. This place has a huge wave pool that splashes into two big dishwater slides and a lazy river where swimmers can float down and relax. On this great large area, there is also an awesome toddler play area and small children's kiddie pools which are perfect for sandy babies. There is also a butterfly slide and an adult two-person mini slide that keeps things interesting to those who enjoy them.

Cost- $28.50

Location- Orlando, Florida

Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark Galveston

3. Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark Galveston

Texas- Schlitterbahn Waterpark is the largest water park in Texas. The park offers all types of water slides that range from small to large, and even a surfing ride that allows the waves to push you along when they hit. So if your feeling adventurous and want to spice up your trip, Schlitterbahn Water Park is a great place for all ages and budgets!

Cost: $29.99

Location: Galveston, Texas

Schlitterbahn Water Park Kansas City

4. Schlitterbahn Water Park Kansas City

Kansas- Another great water park on this list, Schlitterbahn Water Park has all of the same cool stuff as Aquatica and Schlitterbahn Beach. This place has a wave pool that is 80 feet wide, two big water slides that shoot you out into the air, a banana slide which has a curve to it like a banana peel, and a huge water coaster that tumbles you around 4 times. So if you are looking for a great water park experience with your traveling parents or kids this will be it!

Cost: $29.99

Location: Kansas City, Kansas

Schlitterbahn Water Park Myrtle Beach

5. Schlitterbahn Water Park Myrtle Beach

South Carolina- Coming down to 5th on this list is Schlitterbahn Water Park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The park has a great wave pool shaped like a whale and two big water slides that shoot you into the air like flying afterwards. This is another great popular water park for families so don't miss it!

Cost: $28.80

Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Discovery Cove Orlando

6. Discovery Cove Orlando

Florida- The one and only of it's kind in the US, this water park offers dolphins and sea lions to swim with. A dolphin area allows you to swim alongside the animals while a sea lion show is also offered. There are various other activities offered at the water park including a dry slide that has little slides around it that are fun for anyone. This place is very popular since it is different than other water parks and allows you to experience two different animals at once!

Cost: $32

Location: Orlando, Florida

7. Blue Bayou Lake Tahoe 

Nevada- Blue Bayou Lake Tahoe is a resort that offers various activities including mini golf, bowling, and more. The resort also has a water park that mixes the great elements of a water park with a small beachside theme. This place is great for families although it does have some cool slides for people who want that thrill!-it cost you:

Cost: $22.50

Location: Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

The Beach Waterpark Wildwood

8. The Beach Waterpark Wildwood

New Jersey- The Beach Waterpark is a cute little water park that offers various activities including miniature golf, roller skating and mini bowling. Entry fee just to the park is $19 but if hot to be beachside which includes admission to the waterpark then it will cost you more like $25 per person.

Cost: $19.99

Location: Wildwood, New Jersey

Wet N' Wild Phoenix

9. Wet N' Wild Phoenix

Arizona- With 34 total rides and attractions at this water park it is a big one! The rides range from children's rides to adult roller coasters. There are also game machines, a large wave pool for splashing around in and a smaller lazy river for relaxing in the middle of the day. If your looking for a big water park with all of the fun for the whole family then look no further than Wet n' Wild.

Cost: $27.75 (ADULT) / $13 (CHILDREN)

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Aquatica San Antonio

10. Aquatica San Antonio

Texas- The first water park in Texas, Aquatica has a lot of great things to offer like a large wave pool, a lazy river, and 2 big water slides that shoot you into the air. There is also an awesome children's play area for all of those sandy babies out there!

Cost: $29.99

Location: San Antonio, Texas


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